Albert's Gullfest plus the Speed King

Today my Dad had to go to Stoke-on Trent to service his camera. After that we decided to go to Albert Village lake and Swithland Res.

So after having come back from Stoke-on Trent, we headed to Albert Village lake, this is one of the best places in Leicestershire and Rutland for Glaucous gulls and Iceland Gulls, as it is right next to a landfill site and a quarry. When we arrived a pair of Blue Tits started displaying to one another, then a lovely female Kestrel flew over, then it hit us how many gulls there were, it was like Leicestershire's own Gullfest, the common 4 gulls we saw, Lesser-black Backed, Great-black Backed, Herring Gull, Black-headed Gull, and a possible Yellow-legged Gull. And the records went like this 1000+ Black-headed Gull, 200+Lesser-black Backed, 2 Great-black Backed and a few Herring Gull.

Gull 1

Gull 2

Gull 3

Gull 4

Then later on Coot and Little Grebe gave amazing photo opportunities here are a few pics

Coot 1 
Coot 2

Coot 3

Little Grebe 1

Little Grebe 2

After spending about 3 hours around Albert's Gullfest, we headed for Swithland Res on the way home, as the night before a Great-white Egret had been seen flying in that direction. When we got their their were Great-crested Grebes, Black-headed Gulls and 5 Scaup which had spent most of the winter there. And then as I was about to get in the car a Buzzard flew over with what at first I thought was another Buzzard but was a male Peregrine, its one of the only places were they breed, and it flew right over.

Peregrine and Buzzard 

Peregrine and Buzzard