After-school Birding

On Wednesday I went with my friend who lives in Oakham who I went and saw the Black stork with and we were hoping to go to the Dam at the Eastern end of Rutland Water and while we were at his house we got news of a *Lesser Scaup* at the dam so we headed straight for the dam and got dropped of and rushed to were it had been seen and on our way we saw loads of *Tufted Ducks* and *Black-headed Gull* and a 1st ever for me a female Red-Breasted Merganser.

When we got to the south end of the dam were it had been reported, the light was fading fast as we checked through a flock of *Tufted Ducks* and 2 *Scaup* a male and a female, then another birdwatcher came who was form Loughborough and said that sadly that it was a Aythya hybrid but still I got a Red Breasted Merganser.
Red Breasted Merganser Silhouette 


Weekly Wildlife Round 2

Hello everyone sorry I have not been Blogging recently I have been so busy with school work and things that are happening a school.
2 Bullfinchs (Male in bottom Left corner and female in top right)
Over the last 2 weekends their has been a burst of migration mainly birds being *Lesser Redpoll*, *Siskin*, *Fieldfare* and *Redwing*. But near one of the local villages over the last few years maze has been planted in a closed small field surrounded by Hawthorn Bushes and mainly Ash Trees which will give the birds a lot of shelter. So last 2 weekends I have been paying a visit and I have been amazed by the variety of species some of the highlights being *a possible Common Redpoll with a Lesser Redpoll*, *Siskin*, and *3 Song Thrush*. But their has been one bird that I have seen with a group of Greenfinch which I thought stood out so could you please comment one what you think it is.

Also a very sad thing which has been a problem I bet for many animal lovers FLY-TIPPING has been a infuriating thing as the wildlife gets infected in this case was whatever is in that fridge. So if any one see's any FLY TIPPING please contact the council as it can be very damaging for the wildlife. 
Odd bird


Plovers and Raptors

After being at Cley Marsh for the morning it was straight of to Titchwell hopefully to get some more species, when we got to the visitor Centre and there was loads sighted around the reserve including ;Slav Grebes, Beaded Tits, Great Northern Diver and Long-tailed Ducks.
Partial Albino Golden Plover

We headed straight for the first lagoon and got c2000 Golden Plover and in with the Golden Plover was a Partial Albino Golden Plover and 5 Knot. Moving towards the Salt marsh, a Stonechat popped up for a couple of seconds and went back down into the marsh.

Drake Teal

Then heading straight towards the sea and got amazing views in our telescopes of 8 Long-tailed Ducks plus a 1st for me 5 Slav Grebes.

Bat sp
On our way back we stayed a bit longer to watch the starling and the raptor roost which ended up to be amazing with 5 Marsh Harriers, 1 male Hen Harrier,1 Merlin and 1 Kestrel. And then suddenly we could here munching in the reeds behind it was a Water Vole after being almost extinct in Britain they have made a come back and have now been released into Titchwell.
In the car park c3000 Pink footed Geese flew over and a Bat sp of some sort.