Bird Box and Pictures

 This weekend I managed to paint my bird box and put it up. Also over the weekend I managed to take some amazing pictures of Stock Dove and Blue Tit

The Bird Box

Stock Dove

Blue Tit


Anwser to Quiz Week 3 and plus Quiz Week 4 Bird ID

Last weeks two birds were in fact Black Redstart and Ring Ouzels, well done to the following Sam Pitt Miller, Rob Stokes, Ellis Lucas, Ben Moyes and Erik Ansell.
Unlucky to those who got it wrong.

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Mystery Bird 


Rutland Water Birding

As so far this year I haven't been anywhere, I went with my friend Sam to Rutland for about 5 hours to see what we could see.

Stock Dove in the Garden before we left
We got to Rutland Water at around 10am hoping for some good birds, at the visitor centre we got Thousands of Lapwings, a possible Med Gull and a hybrid Canada Goose x Barnacle Goose. Then headed to Lagoon 3, on the way we had to paddle through 3 very deep puddles, when we eventually got their soaked up to the ankle :-(, Sam found a Female Sparrowhawk and a Male Smew. Then went to Lagoon 4 and I found possibly Rutland Water's 2 Ringed Plover this year, at another hide on Lagoon 4 Sam found, too my information Rutland Water's first Green Sandpipers of the year.
Female Sparrowhawk  
The Ringed Plover

Little Egret and Green Sandpiper
Little Egret and Green Sandpiper

After lunch we headed off Lax Hill and the new lagoons, I have never been around there before, I was pleasantly surprised of what it had to offer, along the track we picked a pair of Goldcrests, a lovely rabbit and a flock of Long-tailed Tits.

  Then at Robin hide there were some feeders. Which were packed with Greenfinches, Chaffinches and Reed Buntings.

Greenfinches and Reed Buntings

Just before we packed up we headed to the Feeders at Egelton centre and found a female Chaffinch with a broken leg and a Lesser Redpoll popped in.

Chaffinch with a broken leg
Lesser Redpoll
Thank you for everyone who has put a comment into my latest Quiz, I will reveal the answer on Friday as I'm busy on Saturday


New bird in the Garden and I missed it!!!!!!!!!!

Today I got up knowing I was about to go ringing, it had been very windy over night and I had doubts over if we will catch much, and yes I was right sadly we only caught 28 birds but that did include Chaffinch, Greenfinch and lots of Blackbirds.

When I got home, I went straight out to some fields 1/2 mile away to look out for displaying Lapwings but could not find any. Then I got home and my Sister, Mum and Poppa said a baby injured gull had been in both of their gardens. I had a look at the picture and it was a 1st Winter Kittiwake. Their had been some sightings over the last few days around the county, but in the garden, I will be jealous for a while!!!

1st Winter Kittiwake (my sister took the pic and I did not see the bird!!!!!)
Copyright Molly Carter


What Hawk is it??????

Whilst thinking of what bird to put on my quiz I found this picture, I think that it is a Male Goshawk because of the red eye but my Dad thinks that it is a Female Sparrowhawk so could people comment please.

I have asked the people who go ringing and they are not so sure>
The mystery Bird

Anwser to Quiz Week 2 and plus Quiz Week 3 Bird ID

Last weeks bird was in fact a Juvenile Black Tern taken at Rutland Water Lagoon 4 in August 2012, well done to the following people who got it right Rob Stokes, Ben Moyes unlucky to those who got it wrong. (Sorry this is a quicky I just want to do it every weekend)

Here is the next two birds I thought it would be better to do two pics, and all comments will be shown this time next wee

1st Bird (all 3 are the same)

2nd bird


Anwser to Quiz Week 1 and plus Quiz Week 2 Bird ID

Last weeks bird was in fact a Marsh Tit from in the Garden in January 2013 and well done to Rob Stokes and Erik Ansell for getting the correct answer, unlucky to those who got it wrong.

Here is the next bird, and all comments will be shown this time next week
Hint: Taken in August and a passage Tern
The 'TERN' in the middle


ID Quiz Week 1

As other people have done some quizzes, I have decided to do a ID quiz, each week I will post a picture and the next week I will reveal the answer so good luck
I will give you a clue, in a garden with woodland near by
What is it?


My Favorite Pictures

Since October 2012 I have owned a Canon 600d and I would like to share some of my favorite pictures since then.

Common Tern at Rutland Water
Dragonfly Species (could someone comment on what type of dragonfly please) 
My favorite a Goldcrest at Cley Marsh
Little Egret at Rutland Water

Robin at Titchwell


BBRC said Yes !!!!!!!!!!!

If you have looked at one of my first blogs, I mentioned that I found Leicestershire and Rutlands 2nd Black Stork, in August last year and since then I have been waiting for the BBRC (British Birds Rarities Committee) have posted a tweet saying that they have approved my report.
The Black Stork picture that I took