World Osprey Week! (WOW)

From the 11th-15th of April, it is officially World Osprey Week, this is all about raising awareness of these magnificent, graceful birds. I go to school in Oakham and with Rutland Water literally on our doorstep, Rutland Ospreys came into school to celebrate this event at my school.

The plan was to have a Skype to call to other children/students from a school in Italy ( Istituto Comprensivo 5) and a school in Gambia (Tanji Lower Basic School) , there was 6 pupils from my school Catmose College, including myself we all had to do a little presentation on a certain part of the Ospreys and the projects trying to save them, I had to do a 1 minute presentation on the purpose of Satellite Tagging the Ospreys and what the data that we've collected shows about these birds, for example we have a much clearer view on where Rutland and other British Ospreys spend their winter and what migration paths they take.

Here is me talking to kids from Gambia and Italy

After our group from Catmose did their presentation, the children from Gambia had a poem to read to us all about the Ospreys that spend their winter in Gambia, then the children from Italy had a presentation on the Ospreys that are around where they live (Grosseto) and what they know about them.

This was a brilliant opportunity to talk to other kids from across the world despite having a few technical problems there were two common themes being talked about; Ospreys and the Natural World

Myself and the rest of the Catmose crew 
Please go and check out the Rutland Osprey website, also check out their webcams looking over one of the Osprey nests, with the female having only just laid her 3rd egg! http://www.ospreys.org.uk/