Patchwork Challenge (PWC 2016)

For the first time I'm taking part in the ever more popular Patchwork Challenge (PWC), the aim of this is to compete not just against people in your area but across the UK, seeing who can get the most species on their local stomping ground/patch, so this year I've entered myself into it. I'm not expecting to get a high score compared to others as I've hardly got a good body of water for Waders and Ducks. But hey ho you never know what might turn up!
Last year I had Crane on the patch now kicking myself for not starting last year!

My Patch for the challenge consists of Arable/Pasture fields, Hedgerows, Woodland, my village (and my garden) and a big'ish pond.
All of these 'Patch' photos were taken last Summer, I know its warm but not that warm lol!

And my patch looks like this:

Using PWC website

My Entire Patch quite big!
So at the end of each month I send of my records to PWC, and I'll do a blog post hopefully rounding up what myself and Dad have seen.

Here is a link to PWC: http://patchworkchallenge.blogspot.co.uk/