The Green King of the Willows

On Sunday morning I woke up at 2:45am to go ringing,whenever I wake up for ringing I'm tired but to add to that, I had just come off my holiday the day before, I'd been in Northumberland for a week (Blog to come soon on that!!) .

We arrived with a slight breeze, not the best of news for ringers as the wind will blow the net making it easier for the birds to see. After setting up all the nets, we had around 15 Lapwings fly over and land in one of the neighbouring fields.

The first round produced a surprising amount of passerines including Goldfinch, 3 Bullfinch and a number of Willow Warbler, as soon as we had extracted all the birds a Green Woodpecker started yaffling away at us, and in the next session we caught an adult Female Green Woodpecker, the second for this site, also we caught a pair of Willow Tits with one of them being a re-trap which is interesting as there isn't many in Leicestershire. Then we heard another Green Woodpecker and soon enough we caught a Juvenile Green Woodpecker. As that round had been quiet, we had some time to talk about what would be our next new species on the site, some of the suggestions we came up with were ; Grasshopper Warbler, Kingfisher, Waxwing and Woodpigeon.

Soon enough by the next round we knew what the new species would be.......... a KINGFISHER!!! This was a juvenile, and the strange thing was that we were about 250 meters from the river . Also in that round we caught a Linnet and another Willow Tit, this one being a re-trap.

Juv Green Woodpecker

New Bird Total = 93
Retrap Total = 14
Complete Total = 107