3rd Glossy Twitch Lucky and Swarovski Bins

On the 11th May I went to Rutland Water for the day hoping to get the Glossy Ibis which had been sighted for the last few days and if I saw it, this would be 3rd Twitch Lucky.

When we arrived at the Visitor Centre Gadwall, Mallard, Canada Goose, and all the hirundines apart from the rarities.

We went straight to Plover Hide and got Ringed Plover, Dunlin, Egyptian Goslings and Shelduck, on the board there had been sightings of Little Gulls on Lag 4.

On Lagoon 3 around 3 pairs of Little Grebes were calling to each other, still  thousands of hirundines, then a very odd looky goose popped up, it was a feral Barnacle Goose, this is the second time i've seen a feral Barnie, but never seen a wild one.
Then back onto Lag 4, as Whimbrels had been sighted but I've also never seen one, thier my boggie bird.sadly I did not see the the Whimbrels, but saw a lovely adult summer Turnstone, also the three Little Gulls; one almost summer plumage and two first summer plumage.

After that we headed to North Arm as that's were the Glossy Ibis had been and after two attempts we manged to find him, a bit of a distance but lovely view of it.