New bird in the Garden and I missed it!!!!!!!!!!

Today I got up knowing I was about to go ringing, it had been very windy over night and I had doubts over if we will catch much, and yes I was right sadly we only caught 28 birds but that did include Chaffinch, Greenfinch and lots of Blackbirds.

When I got home, I went straight out to some fields 1/2 mile away to look out for displaying Lapwings but could not find any. Then I got home and my Sister, Mum and Poppa said a baby injured gull had been in both of their gardens. I had a look at the picture and it was a 1st Winter Kittiwake. Their had been some sightings over the last few days around the county, but in the garden, I will be jealous for a while!!!

1st Winter Kittiwake (my sister took the pic and I did not see the bird!!!!!)
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